Taking a break from my broken hosting service...

I used Bluehost for well over a decade, and that was after six years being hosted on a friends server. Over much of that time, my small collection of web sites were pretty stable, you know, online. Some of you might even remember PDA Handyman (2001-2011) which got hacked at one point and I had to rebuild. For various reasons, I chose to leave Bluehost, so I chose Rootpal. 

That might have been a mistake.

They've been... incompetent. That's not hyperbolic. The sites I've moved from Bluehost have dropped out regularly, and after one particularly stupid mistake on my part (I imported my wife's site into my site's directory) I discovered that the backups weren't working and lost three months worth of posts. So, yeah. Not the greatest experience, but after the investment I made, I was willing to give them time to sort their shit. 

As you can likely infer from the fact that you're reading this from my alternate site hosted on PostHaven (fantastic service, if you just want to blog at only $5 a month for up to ten sites), things aren't going well. 

I'll be posting here for a while, at least until I am assured Rootpal has finally gotten their act in line, and then I'll go through the painstaking process of manually migrating whatever I've posted here into Wordpress.