The best things in life aren't yellow

It's amazing the number of things that are yellow in color that are unappealing. Lemonade is pretty great, but I wouldn't say it's a best thing in life. It's not even that yellow and it's liquid, so there's no chance of it looking like a banana. There might be a banana-shaped drink pitcher or beer mug, though. Closely related to lemonade, but produced in a completely different manner and lacking lemonade's appeal, is urine. Sure, you can pee into your radiator or write your name (poor penmanship included) in snow or even drink it if you are lost in a desert, but it's not considered a good drink. I doubt chilling it or adding sugar would improve the taste. Then again, some people go gaga over coffee beans that a cat shit out. 

When I was still a kid and living in Knoxville, I went to summer camp in Virginia. We had a huge lake with a diving tower and about a dozen sailboats of all sizes. I loved sailing. I was a skilled enough sailor to be able to solo a 13 footer that was yellow and shaped like a banana. That was a best thing in life, but not because the boat was yellow. All of my best moments on that boat, tiller in hand, ducking to avoid the boom while tacking, trimming the main for speed, were all spent where I couldn't see the yellow hull. Also, people say red makes things go faster, not yellow. 

There are plenty of unpleasant or unfortunate things that are yellow, though. 

Bananas are tasty, but they are off white. Only the peel is yellow, and it tastes awful. Vomit everywhere proudly features corn for some reason. It's odd to think that there might be some mythical, unknowable beast of terror, lurking just outside of our reality, whose dastardly job it is to place corn in every pile of vomit. It's even more disturbing to find corn in your vomit when you haven't eaten any. I don't think I've seen a yellow sex toy, but then I haven't seen a lot of sex toys. Is it wrong to feel sad? 

Asian people are considered yellow, though I'm not sure why, but Asian people are awesome. The Japanese make anime and manga (you MUST see Erased on Crunchyroll. Search for it.), there's Thai and Chinese food, there's awesome cars and technological advances, and then the people themselves are just super cool and nice. Asian cultures are diverse, interesting, and an amazing part of this Human Race we share. Then there's sulfur, which smells really bad and can do hideous things to you, at least I think. I'm not a chemist. 

So, aside from wickedly cool Asian people and lemonade, yellow isn't good. Glad we could clear that up.