Hotel Transylvania: Transformania | Film Review

Despite the growing recognition in the West that animation is not a medium made expressly for children, there is an expansive industry that revolves around productions that aim specifically for that audience. Ahem... Disney? Heard of 'em? There are a number of outfits that play in that space these days. Warner, Illumination, Pixar, DreamWorks, Universal, and Sony Pictures Animation, in no particular order, are a smattering. Each studio has their own "voice" but Sony's Hotel Transylvania franchise is a series of films that speaks in its own voice, and that voice is Genndy Tartakovsky.

Are keyboard shortcuts really more efficient than a mouse?

As a Mac user, there is one very specific admonition from Windows and Linux users I hear frequently; too much mouse! But I'm not just a Mac peep, I'm also a Windows and Linux guy. I started as an Tandy Radio Shack kid, became an Apple ][ kid, then a PC teen, and ultimately a Mac jerk (read: young adult.)  In the mid-90's, when the public internet was spun up, I was still a Mac guy sporting a PowerBook 145b emitting a veritable thatch of SCSI peripherals. But the story gets even more complicated. 

Using introspection to understand my own limitations

I wrote up this draft in 2018 and (clearly, nerd) didn't post it. Here it is, mostly unedited, for your potential enjoyment/derision. -Ed.

I often tell this story when ferrying people around and the subject of jobs come up. A long time ago, I used to get really mad at people who didn't follow through on their commitments. In consulting and IT work, my targets would often be vendors and service providers. I would angrily tell them how they were violating the terms of their contract and, due to their incompetence, were costing my client money for every minute they continued to fail at their singular job.

Needless to say, most vendors didn't like me. Shocking, I know. 

Dumpster Fire: The Bed!

Despite being deep inside the artificially warmed folds of Holiday Happy-Ganda Season, I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st. If the image above wasn't enough to convince you of the sheer janky-ness of this "concept", check out the lede from the official press release:

A leading platform for fandoms and online communities has partnered with an independent bedmaker to create the ultimate ‘TV Binge Bed’. The ‘TV Binge Bed’ includes self-cleaning sheets, a ‘Netflix and Chill’ setting, and for those who don’t want to leave their bed at all, an optional built-in potty. The expected retail price of the bed is from $14,999 (£11,321). The unique product is being developed after the platform found that the amount of time individuals spend in bed bingeing their favourite shows has increased by almost a third (31%) since 2020*.

- The offending Press Release, 2021. Word for word...

Amazingly Powerful Music for the New Year | #BLM

I originally posted this music video back in 2016 when I was still using PostHaven. I was on an brief two year anti-Wordpress kick seeking simplicity while the platform was still in transition to the more stable environment it is today, but imported this post when I went back a few years ago. It didn’t translate well, and I’m lazy so I’m just getting to it now.

Universal Basic Income in the Post Space Age

I originally wrote this piece in 2017 and am reposting it now because I believe the idea is critically important to the future of humanity and the survival of Earth and humanity. -Ed. 

We should come to grips with the idea as soon as possible. We are, after all, heading for a rather dramatic shift in human thinking. We need to figure out how we humans are going to formulate our societies as soon as we have self-driving vehicles of all stripes, artificial intelligence running everything, smart grids that deliver all manner of clean energy, and robots that deal with all manner of work. We will be living in a version of the dystopian we’ve all seen in movies, but it won’t be quite so dystopian.

It will be a world without work.

iPhone cases & an important charity for Peruvian children

Phone cases are a dime a dozen. 

Well, not literally. They cost real money, but they’re available everywhere for all kinds of mobiles and at every conceivable price point. When it comes down to it, consumers will select the style and price that fits their circumstances and financial wherewithal. Hell, a lot of Chinese phone makers include a (cheap) case in the box that I’m sure a handful of people around the globe actually use.

When I received a press release from Illusion Photograph offering me a review sample of one of their phone cases, I told them up front that they should focus on getting samples to more visible outlets. They insisted, so I did some research and, after learning their story, acquiesced.  They sent me a Route 66 case for my iPhone 12 mini, and this, in a way, is a review. So, here it is…

Taking a break from my broken hosting service...

I used Bluehost for well over a decade, and that was after six years being hosted on a friends server. Over much of that time, my small collection of web sites were pretty stable, you know, online. Some of you might even remember PDA Handyman (2001-2011) which got hacked at one point and I had to rebuild. For various reasons, I chose to leave Bluehost, so I chose Rootpal. 

That might have been a mistake.

They've been... incompetent. That's not hyperbolic. The sites I've moved from Bluehost have dropped out regularly, and after one particularly stupid mistake on my part (I imported my wife's site into my site's directory) I discovered that the backups weren't working and lost three months worth of posts. So, yeah. Not the greatest experience, but after the investment I made, I was willing to give them time to sort their shit. 

As you can likely infer from the fact that you're reading this from my alternate site hosted on PostHaven (fantastic service, if you just want to blog at only $5 a month for up to ten sites), things aren't going well. 

I'll be posting here for a while, at least until I am assured Rootpal has finally gotten their act in line, and then I'll go through the painstaking process of manually migrating whatever I've posted here into Wordpress.