Amazingly Powerful Music for the New Year | #BLM

I originally posted this music video back in 2016 when I was still using PostHaven. I was on an brief two year anti-Wordpress kick seeking simplicity while the platform was still in transition to the more stable environment it is today, but imported this post when I went back a few years ago. It didn’t translate well, and I’m lazy so I’m just getting to it now.

Now, this video, Final Call from Kenny Dope and Raheem DeVaughn, featuring Rhymefest, is a powerful piece of work. Our Black peeps have been oppressed for 400 years, and deep down we know this and yet, we continue to shy away from the truth. Nay, we double down and foster even more violence and death and insurrection and hate and segregation, claiming patriotism while stripping citizens of their right to vote for their representation and allowing the scales of justice to be forever corrupted in favor of the 1% and their “Trickle-Down” economics that is a sham we’ve all seen through. 

We can, and WILL, do better, but I fear there will be a lot more loss before we get there. 

Don’t pray for change… WORK for it. 

PS: Once you’re done with the pointless, religio-capitalist holidays that, among the terrible things they represent, do bring families and friends and neighbors together, keep you mind on the New Year and the changes we can push HARD for in 2022… and beyond.