I'm not a maker. I'm a creator.

I had an epiphany this morning.

Yes, I was really, really good in wood shop, and I'm good with my hands when I care to be (I.e., automotive work), but I'm not a maker. I don't seek out opportunities to build things with my hands.

I build them with my mind.

Sadly, I'm not great at that, either. Okay, I AM great at it, but I'm not great at getting to it... doing it... making time for it... finishing it. Delivering it. I took a creative writing workshop last year and everyone in that class loved what I wrote. They chattered about it and begged me to write more (Disclosure: I wasn't the only one in the class getting that treatment). Despite that glowing response, I dropped out before the end, before I had to turn in what would have been that classes magnum opus.

To be clear, I dropped out of school altogether, but I rationalized it with losing my first new job in four years because of an insane person who, by any reasonable standard, should not be in control of a company. I needed to focus on driving Lyft full-time again and not the school thing, but that's a tale for another article.

I think all of these conclusions I have arrived at are pointing me in a single, uncomplicated direction; be the creator I am.

So, I'm going to start with a bumper sticker...