Overwatch is addicting

When I first saw gameplay video of Blizzard's co-op FPS Overwatch, I had thots:

"This is a clone of TF2."

I've been playing TF2 for, oh, nine years now, so I felt that I knew what I was talking about (inside my head, of course). As such, I set the idea of playing it aside for when I could pick it up for a few bucks on sale. Most of my 150+ games on Steam I bought on sale. I've rarely spent more than $20 for any game, but after viewing more and more gameplay video and seeing all my Top Notch peeps disappear from the PLR server only to see them playing OW, I decided to bite the bullet (which here means spend the money to buy it).

I opted for the $40 basic digital version, and downloaded it. It's large and my internet is shitty, so it took a while. That was about two months ago now. Maybe less. To give you a sense of scale here, I have over 3,000 hours of TF2 racked up and nearly 100 friends, mostly my TN peeps. That's 128 DAYS of gaming. Now, considering I've chalked that up in nine years, it's not so bad. In Overwatch, however, I have almost 100 hours and have reached Level 94. Again, I have lots of friends, but they are mostly my TN peeps, again.

It is a fun, engaging, active game with mostly good play balance and looks fantastic, even on low settings (so I can get good frame rates, better input control, and less impact on my hardware).

If you play, feel free to join me @ tnQuaalude#1493.