Why Pharah Sucks


Pharah. That flying rat. The one and only flying hero in Overwatch, is the single most annoying hero of the bunch. Nobody else can fly. Mercy can glide and Winston can jump really far, but no other hero has flight capability like Pharah, which makes her suck. Pharah's missiles are also quite lethal, which means anyone playing her who is even vaguely good at twitch games can do a load of damage, and it's very difficult to counter her.

Counter her with a sniper, like Ana or Widow, and it works, but they have to be really good snipers. Counter her with Torbjorn, and her missiles can ditch that Swedes turret in a couple of shots before the gun's bullets can deal enough damage. Counter her with another Pharah, and its like watching two first-timers have a dogfight.

So, Blizzard. Dump Pharah. Having a single hero that can control the skies is just dumb. There's no balance. Drop Pharah like a hot potato. Ditch her like an ugly blind date. Be smooth. Remove.